I’m Mad at God!


Have you ever asked the “why” questions? Why did my life turn out this way? Why did he…? Why did they…? Why am I suffering? The answers to these questions frequently turn us away from God. Because, let’s face it, God doesn’t play fair. Do you agree? I’m mad at God!

How to Stop Being Needy

AAPHOTOYou’ve seen the quote, “If only needy and desperate were attractive qualities.” Ask any single who is looking for a mate and they will probably agree. There are lots of needy and desperate people. God wants us to be needy, actually. We get into trouble not because we are needy, but because we look in the wrong places to fill our needs. Here’s how to stop being needy, God’s way.

Is it Really Better to Give than Receive?

aaphotoJesus said it is better to give than receive, right? Is it always better to give? Don’t we also need to learn how to be good receivers of gifts? What do you think?

Why Raise Holy Hands in Worship?

aaphotoRaising holy hands in worship is a somewhat controversial topic. Some say raised hands indicate a particular flavor of theology. Some say raised hands are necessary for true worship. Others say the quality of our worship is not based on body stance at all. Who’s correct? Why raise holy hands in worship?